System Overview

warehouse worker using pick to cart system for order fulfillment

Complete batch picking automation on the go.

The light-directed picking cart system boosts batch picking performance through the use of several unique, integrated technologies.

pick cart with lights and scanner


Lightning Pick’s unique batch picking technology can be applied to virtually any type or style of picking carts. We’ll work with your material handling equipment (MHE) provider—or one of our own trusted partners—to engineer the best cart design for your specialized requirements. View a photo gallery with samples from the wide variety of cart systems we’ve developed for our customers.

put-to-light specialized light module hardware for picking carts


Our lights are specifically engineered for carts, or other mobile applications, where low power consumption is key. This minimizes downtime for recharging cart batteries. Our pick cart lights feature extended function modes that present operators with more information while they’re traveling throughout the warehouse. Learn more about our best-of-breed put-to-cart hardware.

perpetual pick software screen for picking carts


Our patented Perpetual Pick software knows the real-time location of the cart in the warehouse, versus the current industry standard of pre-set start/stop points on the walk path. The software can send pickers to single picks located nearby — even if the original batch of order bins are full—enabling operators to remain continually productive with each pass through your facility.

Put-to-Light cart touchscreen tablet


Optional on-board Android touchscreen tablets guide operators to the correct pick face and cart “put” locations. Product photos and other helpful graphical information can also be displayed.

order shipping label printer on order fulfillment pick cart


Optional printers allow pickers to print order and manifesting documents, shipping labels and other required materials, making each cart an effective mobile pick/pack workstation.

voice directed picking system speaker on pick cart


This optional voice-direction speaker system enables you to incorporate voice picking into your process. The device transmits audible instructions or commands for added guidance and quality assurance.

Contact Lightning Pick.

Learn how our automated batch picking cart solutions can help.

Lightning Pick is the largest provider of light-directed systems in North America including pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light and picking carts. The world’s top brands use LP Cart to get products into their customers’ hands, quickly and accurately. 

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