Picking Cart Video. 

LP Cart

Introduction video presents Lightning Pick’s patented Perpetual Picking system batch picking orders.

Explore your potential LP Cart applications by viewing product video, data sheets and customer case study media.

LP Cart Data Sheet.

Data sheet providing technical specifications, special features and benifits of the LP Cart.

LP Cart White Paper.

Looking to add a mobile cart system to support batch picking in your operation? Here’s an overview of the three cart features most critical to order fulfillment operations.

LP Cart Case Study.

Symbion Consumer, a Australian vitamin supplement company boosted accuracy and performance—while cutting its labor requirements—by implementing a mobile picking cart system.

Contact Lightning Pick.

Learn how our automated batch picking cart solutions can help.

Lightning Pick is the largest provider of light-directed systems in North America including pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light and picking carts. The world’s top brands use LP Cart to get products into their customers’ hands, quickly and accurately. 

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