Picking Cart Advantages



Increased Order Accuracy



Increase in pick rate productivity



Throughput and shorter cycle times



SKUs at a lower cost per SKU

Take automated batch picking for a spin around your distribution center.

Batch picking carts offer a variety of advantages over paper-based picking techniques. These include:

Faster Picking Speed

Because they support batch picks of multiple orders simultaneously, mobile picking carts dramatically increase overall picking speed by up to 200%. Batch picking also boosts picking speeds up to 40% over conventional, paper-based picking.

Improved Ergonomics

Batch picking of multiple orders reduces the number of trips through a warehouse that a picker must otherwise take to fill individual orders. Picking several orders at one time reduces fatigue by reducing travel as much as 70% (depending on order profiles).

Better Accuracy

To improve accuracy, picked items can be scanned to confirm the correct pick. The scan triggers light-directed picking modules (positioned at each bin location onboard the cart) to indicate the appropriate destination bin, further improving accuracy.

Affordable Automation

For companies that cannot cost-justify the implementation of a full pick-to-light system at every pick face, or to run a conveyor system throughout their facility, the carts are an extremely affordable way to automate picking of an unlimited number of stock keeping units (SKUs).

No SKU Profiling Necessary

Mobile pick carts are ideal for facilities with a vast number of stock keeping units (SKUs) that cannot be categorized by specific velocity.

Ideal for E-Commerce

The LP Carts’ software automates batch picking for fulfillment of multiple, one- to two-line orders at the same time. That makes it particularly suited to e-commerce applications.

Versatile Picking for 3PLs

For third-party logistics (3PLs) providers, the carts’ operation can be switched to accommodate customer-specific picking. Through the software, the carts can be configured to pick in different, isolated zones to meet unique fulfillment requirements.

Picking Productivity Not Limited by Cart Capacity

Patented Perpetual Picking batch optimization software further boosts picker productivity—even when all the order spots on the cart have been filled—by tracking the cart’s real-time location in the warehouse. Because the software does not require the cart to navigate along a pre-determined route, it can instead direct the picker to collect additional, single-line picks along the travel path while pushing the cart to the completed order drop point.

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