Picking Cart Hardware

specialized pick to light hardware light module for warehouse order picking carts

Lightning Pick’s energy efficient put-to-light platform engineered for mobile picking.

Every Lightning Pick multi-shelf mobile picking cart is equipped with a variety of best-of-breed hardware engineered to support automated batch order picking. Particularly suited to e-commerce applications, the carts enable fulfillment of multiple, one- to two-line orders at the same time. With the cart, a single operator can pick several orders during a single pass through the warehouse, while following the shortest route.

automated wireless warehouse picking cart with ergonomic pick to light, touchscreen, scanner and printer

When the picker arrives at an assigned storage area, LP Cart’s light-directed picking modules indicate which picked items should be distributed to each bin riding on the cart. To improve accuracy, items can be scanned to confirm the correct pick and placement in the right bin. This batch picking process boosts picking speeds up to 40% over conventional, paper-based picking, and reduces travel by up to 70% (depending on order profiles).

All components can be added as a retrofit to existing carts, or engineered as a custom solution in any size, design or configuration, including power assist.

LP Cart hardware includes:

  • Low power consumption pick-to-light module hardware at each order bin or box position
  • Android tablet with color LCD touchscreen
  • Radio frequency (RF) barcode scanner for item/location scanning
  • Rechargeable mobile power pack outfitted with long-lasting batteries
  • Optional configuration to support voice-directed picking applications

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Lightning Pick is the largest provider of light-directed systems in North America including pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light and picking carts. The world’s top brands use LP Cart to get products into their customers’ hands, quickly and accurately. 

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