Picking Cart Industries

large cart shelves with lit pick-to-light modules and display

Flexible and customizable mobile picking carts optimize picking and order fulfillment in a variety of industries.

Direct-to-consumer sales channels use mobile picking carts to deliver better customer service via higher quality order accuracy and faster turnaround times.

Retail suppliers improve pick rate productivity and order accuracy, as well as increase throughput for retail store replenishment, with mobile picking carts.

Multiple members of the Direct Selling Association—and other market leaders—utilize mobile picking carts to provide superior customer service with shortened order times, doubled pick rate productivity and reduced operational costs.

Distributors of computers, cell phones, components and other electronics leverage mobile picking carts to streamline their picking, assembly and kitting processes. For inventory control and lot tracking, the carts’ software offers optional serial number capture capabilities.

Leading distributors of salon, vitamin and supplement, cosmetic and other personal care products rely mobile picking carts to reliably execute high-volume order fulfillment operations around the clock.

The software that controls the mobile picking carts supports reliable, convenient and flexible lot capture and tracking capabilities. This function meets the pedigree laws and other serial capture requirements that regulate the pharmaceuticals industry.

Mobile picking carts support several of the world’s largest automakers and their implementation of Lean best practices, including picking, kitting, assembly and aftermarket parts order fulfillment.

Flexible mobile picking carts enable 3PLs to provide their customers with the best order fulfillment services possible, even in highly dynamic and seasonal environments.

To support Lean manufacturing processes, mobile picking carts enable high quality picking, kitting, error-proofing, assembly and other requirements.

Distributors of dry goods, perishables and frozen products utilize mobile picking carts to improve their order picking processes.

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