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warehouse picking cart with software screenshots

Patented Perpetual Pick software maximizes one and two line order fulfillment.

Powered by a simple, file-based interface, the carts’ control software communicates wirelessly in real-time with the facility’s host computer system. Utilizing an efficient algorithm embedded in the carts’ batch optimization software, orders are grouped according to pick location proximity.

Continuous Performance

The software also utilizes patented Perpetual Picking batch optimization to further boost picker productivity, even when all the order spots on the cart have been filled. The Perpetual Picking system tracks the cart’s real-time location in the warehouse (as opposed to assuming the cart is navigating a pre-determined route) and directs the picker to collect additional, single-line picks along the travel path while navigating the cart to the completed order drop point. This is especially advantageous in e-commerce fulfillment or other direct-to-consumer operations where one or two line orders represent a high percentage of daily order volume.

Proven Integration and Superior Intelligence

The carts’ control software interfaces with existing warehouse control systems (WCS) and warehouse management systems (WMS). The Perpetual Picking system works with both Lightning Pick’s LP Management Console and Pick-MAX (formerly by IPTI ) platforms, for seamless addition of carts into existing light-directed environments. This also enables robust interface options such as Lightning Pick’s LP Dashboard for manager-level insights into daily productivity key performance indicators (KPIs) across the facility, or at individual picker levels.

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